Co-branding and circularity

Customize your zero-waste vision

From corporate gifts to promotional campaigns, Coffeefrom cups and Mugs are suitable for communicating responsible consumption choices, inside or outside your business.

With their iconic design, products and packaging can be personalized according to your needs:

  • with your corporate logo or a sentence, by means of tampography and with a color of your choice (RAL)
  • with a customized band, covering Coffeefrom packaging
  • with a customized graphic of Coffeefrom packaging
Customize your zero-waste vision
The bio-based advantages
A sustainable business choice

The bio-based advantages

Coffeefrom is a plant-based material, made of a biopolymers and recycled coffee grounds. Coffeefrom can be a valuable alternative to traditional  plastics; specifically, cups and mugs are BPA free and toxic free, reusable and break proof. They are more than just containers: thanks to a refined design, they all keep your coffee integrity and flavor, and they also keep your beverage warm for long.



Technical features

  • BPA-free
  • Hand washing / Dish-washer friendly at low temperatures (<50°)
  • Made in Italy
  • Material: Biopolymer + coffee grounds from food industry
  • Food Contact Certified
  • Cup capacity: 60 ml
  • Mug capacity: 360 ml – soon available
  • Packaging: FSC certified supplied by a Social Enterprise
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