Instructions and Care

Our tips and tricks

You have just made a coffee and you are going to use the Coffeefrom cup.


Now sit and relax. While you are tasting a zero-waste coffee, we will reveal you the background.

- The Coffeefrom cup has a conical shape, to allow your coffee to get a better preservation of the cream:

- The inner base is egg-shaped, to prevent the cream from breaking and to keep its color longer;

- The edge is very thin, to convey a sense of greater finesse and to better appreciate the cream sense;

- On the other hand, the bottom part of the cup is thicker, in order to keep your coffee warmth;

- The saucer is big enough to host your cup and a teaspoon… Or an after-coffee chocolate!

- Cups and saucers are perfectly stackable. Try to fit the bottom of the saucer with the cup edge. It will be useful to keep the warmth while you are looking for the best place to taste your coffee!

Once you have finished, we suggest you to hand wash your cup, but you can also put it in the dishwasher with the ECO option. If it falls off, don’t worry! All Coffeefrom cups are resistant and reusable, designed to be the ideal partner for the coffee you like the most.