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In collaboration with Pagani Pens, leader in technologies for the development and innovation of writing instruments, we have created a special edition in Coffeefrom® Bio of the iconic DS3 pen, designed to convey the infinite expressive possibilities of coffee wastes.

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Penne - Penna ecosostenibile - DS3 - Coffeefrom

Giving shape to innovation

A “renewable” pen

Made with our first bioplastic material consisting of coffee grounds and PLA, the DS3 Coffeefrom® Bio contains no fossil elements. The body and its mechanism are made of biodegradable non-fossil bioplastic plant-based, while the refills, once exhausted, can be replaced.

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Penne - Penna ecosostenibile - DS3 - Coffeefrom
Penne - Penna ecosostenibile - DS3 - Coffeefrom
Penne - Penna ecosostenibile - DS3 - Coffeefrom


The pen

Elegant and functional, the DS3 in Coffeefrom® Bio is a twist ballpoint pen with lead free plastic refill – Floating Ball® blue or black. Customizable with a logo on the clip (40 x 8 mm). All DS3 are refillable and reusable.

The material

Coffeefrom® Bio is our first material, consisting of coffee grounds of industrial origin (10-20% in variable composition) mixed with a biopolymer, PLA. Coffeefrom® Bio shows the natural imperfections of coffee wastes also in DS3 pens, thus revealing their circular story.