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The Coffeefrom Cup is officially part of the ADI Design Index 2022

Tazzina Coffeefrom - ADI Design Index 2022

We are proud to announce that our Coffeefrom Cup project is officially part of the ADI Design Index 2022!  Since 2000, ADI Design Index publishes every year the best of the Italian design, selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory composed of more than 150 members, and is the first step in the path of awarding the Compasso d’Oro Award of 2024. Included in the “Social Design” category, the selection represents for us a precious achievement, result of the work of 3 years of research, design and relationships. We also thank Edoardo Perri and Dario Riva of Whomade studio in Milan for creative direction and design work and for translating the values of the brand in every product.

Coffeefrom - int 6

In order to make the most of the selected companies and products, ADI has organized two exhibitions where you can also meet our iconic cup:.

  • ADI Design Museum, Milan | 14-27 November 2022
  • Istituto Treccani, Rome | 13-18 December 2022
Coffeefrom - int 7

Adi Design Index 2022

This year’s edition of the ADI Design Index – the preselection for the next Compasso d’Oro in 2024 which will be completed by next year’s choices – openswith three words: freedom, system and quality. Quality has always been central to the ADI Design Index, which was created in 2000 precisely to identify it in every sector of Italian manufacturing. It is implicit inthe attention given to the choices of the over one hundred experts who make up the ADI Design Permanent Observatory. In this edition there are 248 selected products and 22 projects chosen for the Targa Giovani or Youth Section, the category dedicated to work by students from University Design schools. Among the categories featuring selected designs, this year 18 products from the Lighting sector (established as a separate category asa result of recent technical and typological transformations in this area) have been added to the 51 products in domestic furnishings. However the Design for work and Design for the person categories are matched in terms of both numbers and ideas by the Design of materials and technological systems (24products thatcontribute to the creation of other more complex products), Corporate Research (15 studies that open new paths and approaches to organizations and corporate production capacities, beyond individual products) and Social Design (13 initiatives designed to make users’ lives better)